Monday, 21 November 2011

Guitar and drums, piano expert Billie Joe Armstrong photos

Billie Joe Armstrong photos

 FULL NAME : Billie Joe Armstrong
 BIRTHDATE : born February 17, 1972
 HOMETOWN : Rodeo, California, USA
 EYE COLOR : Green
 HEIGHT : 5'7
 MARTIAL STATUS : Married Adrienne Nesser (July 2, 1994)
 CHILDREN : Joseph Marciano; born in March of 1995, and Jakob Danger; born September of 1998.
 FAMILY : Billie's father, Andy, died of cancer when he was 10 years old (September 1982). His mom, Ollie, raised him from then on. He has 5 older siblings (David, Allen, Marcy, Holly, and Anna).
 INSTRUMENTS : Guitar, harmonica, mandolin, drums, piano, and most recently, the saxophone.

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  1. Elee ée perfeito demaaiis, tenho mt inveja da fa qi beijou ele no show akii no Brazil... qi sonhoo ! Meu idolo sz