Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Top Ten European Countries with Most Terrorism Risk 2011

The Terrorism Risk Index was released by risk analysis and mapping firm Maplecroft last Wednesday, August 4, 2011, calculating terrorism risk in 197 countries based on the latest and most comprehensive data available from April 2010 to March 2011.
Outside of Europe, the five most at-risk nations included Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan.
Now, let's take a look at top ten European countries with the most terrorism risk in 2011

1. Russia

 Russian capital Moscow was hit by suicide attacks at its airports, killing 35 people, earlier this year. The threat level of this country is extreme

2. Greece

 While Greece’s financial crisis is “breeding grounds for lawlessness”, according to AP, fascist groups in the country are increasing. Its threat level is high

3. Turkey
 The country was spotted No. 3 in the list of top ten European countries with the most terrorism risk in 2011 with high threat level

4. Georgia

Georgia, which is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, was ranked No. 4 in the list of top ten European countries with most terrorism risk in 2011

5. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom was classified from low-risk last year to medium-risk in 2011 due to “the deteriorating security conditions in Northern Ireland, where there was a general increase in the number of terrorist attacks” according to Maplethorpe. Last month, Northern Ireland saw some of its worst violence in ten years

 6. France
                                   Like the United Kingdom, France had medium threat level

7. Spain

Earlier this year, Basque terrorist group ETA announced that they had formed a cease-fire with the Spanish government though the government said it didn't go far enough

8. Germany

 Though two American servicemen were killed by a lone gunman at the Frankfurt airport earlier this year, Maplecroft classified Germany as a low-risk country

9. Sweden

                                              The Nordic country had low threat level

10. Serbia

                                    The landlocked country bottomed the list with low threat level

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